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Company profile

Zhejiang Huaying Steel Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise business mainly in the electrical steel products of Zhejiang Giant Group Holdings Limited subsidiary. The company is located in the "water in city, people do pillow River" reputation of the Shimen Town Industrial Park, bordering the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou Ningbo, Shenjiahu Expressway and Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed rail line, from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is only 50 kilometers, from Tongxiang high speed rail station is only 20 kilometers, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient

Company is a professional engaged in all kinds of electrical steel, galvanized plate, color coated plate product development, production and sales enterprises. Companies to master the industry's advanced production technology and production equipment, the use of well-known brands, high-quality raw materials, to create a stable and high quality products. After several years of development, China has grown to win special steel products in the industry pattern is superior, stable and reliable product performance, advanced equipment and technology, and has become the leading domestic electrical steel manufacturing enterprises. Company's products are widely used in home appliances, cars, generators, frequency conversion electric vehicles, transformers, housing construction and other industries. The company has Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang China Steel CLS Huaying 3 production plants, products exported to Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, have a good reputation in domestic and overseas markets. At present, the company has established a good business cooperation relationship with a number of large transformer equipment manufacturers in China.

At present, China wins the special steel company's products have passed ISO9001 certification, the company for the high-tech enterprises in the pursuit of excellence, the target product constantly innovation, rely on independent research and development of master technology advanced industry, currently has more than 20 patents. Huaying steel always adhere to the "leading enterprises" electrical steel manufacturing as the goal, to strive for continuous and continuous improvement, to create greater value for customers and partners.